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Team Spotlight – Q&A with Michael Kastel, Director of Investor Relations – BD

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By Beau Ryan, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Rockspring Capital has officially welcomed Michael Kastel to the team and to say he has hit the ground running is an understatement. Michael is not only charged with supporting everything under the investor relations umbrella, but also making sure everyday operations run smoothly.

Michael received his BS in Business Marketing & Sales from Carthage College and his BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to personally meet Michael, see below for details on his background, plans, hobbies and more.


Why were you interested in joining Rockspring?

Real estate investment is an industry I have wanted to enter into for quite some time. Upon learning of this new position for Rockspring from a friend, I flew down to Houston from Boise as soon as I could as this was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.

What made you interested in investor relations?

The idea of getting to be in such a multi-faceted position. It is PR, marketing, finance and sales wrapped into one place while getting to bring value to others. I love the fact that I get to express both my creative side and interpersonal side within this position.

What’s your primary role?

My primary role is investor relations. This is includes everything from client reporting, investor requests, operations/data management coordination to creating an investor portal that will provide a space for investors to have quick and direct answers to their questions.

What do you enjoy most about your job so far?

Interacting with our investors and the team. I love the opportunity to provide value to other people so I couldn’t be more excited about this new role. On the other side of the table, we have one of the most fun and tight knit group of people here at Rockspring. It makes coming into work something I look forward to.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

The responsibility to over-deliver on customer experience. At Rockspring, it isn’t just about fund raising. It’s about truly creating a customer experience that revolves around our clients and their partners. Jim McAlister understands that as Rockspring continues to scale and grow, we will continue to have a focus on our investor experience. That can be seen in the decision to create an investor relations-focused position and will be demonstrated in the processes that I am excited to soon roll out for our partners.

Tell us about your career and education before Rockspring.

My education was diverse. I played both college basketball and football at the University of Delaware and finished my education at a private liberal arts school called Carthage College just outside of Milwaukee. My experience with collegiate sports provided me with the communication and leadership strategies that directly transition into my career. I started out as a project manager for one of the largest environmental-remediation companies in Chicago, where I built my detail orientation and managerial skills. Following that, I practiced sales with Microbial Discovery Group, a bacillus fermentation company that specialized in bioremediation for wastewater treatment. I started in the back office creating the entire sales process before stepping into a sales role as Account Manager of the West Coast where I led our national team in sales. I am excited to bring the talents I acquired in collegiate athletics and my past professional experiences to Rockspring.

What do you like to do on your spare time?

Fishing, golf, hiking, and focusing on personal wellness.


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