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Rockspring’s Michael Ross Races for Gold, Caps Off An Emotional Year

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 08 Feb 2018 Comments: 0

By Beau Ryan, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

At Rockspring, we have a culture that embraces employee professional development as well as personal passions. Our team members give it their all everyday inside and outside of work, so when we hear about their personal wins, we celebrate them.

Most recently, Rockspring’s VP Asset Management & Entitlements Michael Ross, also a semi-professional race car driver for the National Auto Sport Association (NASA ), won first place at the 2017 NASA Eastern States Championships in Florida in the Spec Miata Division.

For Michael, it was a tough race that required a lot of hard work and preparation leading up to the competition. The race itself was no easy picnic as Michael was behind most of the race and it took all of his knowledge and skills to keep him competing for first behind highly-skilled racer Selin Rollan. The race ended in dramatic fashion with Michael finally passing Selin followed by a drag race towards the finish line in which Michael’s Miata won by a bumper.

The race was symbolic of the tough experience presented to Houston towards the end of 2017. In a year that gave Houston unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey, it’s taken a lot of hard work to overcome major setbacks. Michael’s story is no different as the race capped off a challenging year that involved his family battling and recovering from severe flooding at his home and neighborhood. Other employees at Rockspring were also severely impacted, and so Michael was no longer just racing for himself, but his team, family and coworkers.

Michael’s win was featured on NASA Speed’s news page. You can also find a post-race video interview of Michael by clicking here.

In this rigorous year, every win counts, big or small, and for Michael, this was one of the most satisfying wins of all.


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