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Rockspring Employee Spotlight – Jim Manouse

Posted by: In: Rockspring News 13 Dec 2019 Comments: 0

Rockspring’s 2019 was busy as a big focus of the firm centered on bolstering the team’s roster of experts. Jim Manouse, Director of Distribution and one of this year’s new additions, completed a Q&A recently to share his background and experience with the company so far.

How have you enjoyed your time with Rockspring so far?

Rockspring has been a great experience. The first thing that stood out when I got here was that there is a clear focus on culture. The people here are really supportive and easy to work with. They are all extremely helpful, knowledgeable and experienced individuals in real estate and beyond and I’m also happy to call them friends. It’s rare to have a team this close and so dedicated to the culture.

How did you get to Rockspring?

I have two individuals I would like to thank for getting me to Rockspring. First, is the late Brent Barton. Brent was my colleague in the industry and friend for many years, and he was the one who connected me with Rockspring as well as vouched for me. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on.

Secondly, I would like to thank Mike Axelrad for giving me the chance and backing at Rockspring. After Brent made the introduction, Axe and I clicked, and we haven’t looked back.

Tell me about your role at Rockspring.

My role is unique among my colleagues at Rockspring. While most of my coworkers work more on the real estate side, my responsibility is on the distribution side. I introduce the firm to the broker/dealer community and alternative investments space as well as form and nurture relationships with the right firms and institutional clients. I help share and make sure our products are a fit with the investment community and the major associations that serve and represent our industry, such as ADISA and the IPA.

What are you most proud of since joining the team?

So far, I’m most proud of my support to help launch Rockspring’s Texas Broker/Dealer Fund II. I came into the company halfway through the year and the stage of the new fund was still very young. I helped work with multiple partners and parties to bring the fund to fruition. From coordinating with our legal advisors and getting the review of third-party due diligence, to preparing all facets of marketing and finally introducing and seeing the fund launch, it has been very rewarding to say the least.

Tell us about ADISA in Las Vegas and how you think it went?

ADISA and the fund introduction was a great success. Competition is fierce. However, what we are offering is unique and this coupled with the fact we have true experts of Texas land on deck really piqued the interest of many outstanding firms. I’ve been affiliated with ADISA for many years so I’m very familiar with the organizers process and how best to make use of our time in Las Vegas. This is a relationship business and ADISA is one of the best ways to make and foster friendships over many years. The same can be said of the IPA, a great organization that does a tremendous job of representing our industry, mainly in Washington D.C. I’m proud to serve on committees of both organizations.

What are you looking forward to the most at Rockspring?

The Rockspring team has worked hard to create a team of experienced experts and I’m honored to be counted among them. With a team like this entering 2020, it’s hard not to get excited about what awaits next year and what Rockspring will be able to accomplish.

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