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Right Strategy

Our primary investment focus is Texas land. Unlike most other investments, investing in land means an investment in a tangible asset. This has become an increasingly more attractive option for our investors looking to protect their funds and hedge against inflation.

At Rockspring we actively analyze the marketplace and take advantage of market illiquidity, to capitalize on undervalued land. For the distressed seller who needs to sell in 30 days or less, there are very few buyers with cash in hand. We use all-cash and no debt, allowing our team to quickly buy properties and patiently sell the land to the right end user, creating long-term value.

Another part of our strategy is diversification. Whether it’s residential or commercial, from Austin to San Antonio to Houston, we buy different product types in different areas to help minimize risk for our funds. We will purchase non-performing notes that are secured by land, and often carry high interest, which helps produce high returns for our investors.

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