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Our Investment Process

Rockspring follows a detailed and proven method to uncover opportunities to acquire for our funds. Our investment process is straightforward and effective – we leverage the inefficiency of the private market to identify and capitalize on highly-qualified investments.

Investment Criteria


When selecting a property, we know the goal is always to make money on the buy. We utilize extensive market knowledge and local expertise to identify opportunities with defined and foreseeable exit strategies.

  • Focus on high-growth metropolitan areas in the Texas Triangle and near a major transportation route

  • Invest at deep discounts in illiquid market

  • Quickly close with cash and no contingencies for maximum discount

  • Invest in deals between $2-10 million

  • Develop a 2 to 5-year exit strategy


Once the property has been selected, our team works quickly and efficiently to ensure the project is most valuable post acquisition.

  • Quickly prepare land to be developer-ready

  • Work closely with government agencies to acquire permits, resolve traffic issues and make utilities and other services available

Land Sites – Entitlement Process*
  • Design site plan

  • Create utility district plan

  • Secure surface control through designation of drill sites

  • Plan drainage improvement

  • Mitigate flood plain and potential wetlands

  • Establish access plan for optimal ingress/egress

* Entitlements – Rights and permits granted to a land owner by a municipality, county or other authority to use land or development resources in a particular way.

Once complete, we bring a full time in-house brokerage team utilizing its direct relationships with
  • Builders

  • Developers

  • End Users

  • Investors

  • By keeping all stakeholders engaged throughout the process, we ensure the end-user can immediately focus on development beginning day one.