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Joining Rockspring in September of 2019, Matthew Kenneally, VP Business Development, has hit the ground running in expanding Rockspring’s offerings to family offices, wealth managers and other sophisticated investors. He recently participated in a Q&A to share how he got to Rockspring and his goals for 2020.

How have you enjoyed your time with Rockspring so far?

It’s been fantastic and this extraordinary team has welcomed me with open arms. I am most impressed with the expertise and professionalism each team member brings every day. There is a strong culture that aims to deliver successful outcomes to our investors as well as meets the goals of each employee.

What originally attracted you to the firm?

I’ve known Rockspring CEO and Founder Jim McAlister since we were in elementary school.  I’ve followed his career for many years and admire the firm he has built.

Last summer, I was approached by a headhunter I’ve worked with in the past about an opportunity at a firm she felt was a good match with based on my experiences and skill set. I wasn’t looking for a change, but once I knew it was Jim at Rockspring, I was interested to hear more. I spent weeks discussing the firm’s direction, processes and goals, and got to know each member of this incredible team. Needless to say, I was sold and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Tell me about your role at Rockspring and what you think your biggest contribution(s) will be?

My role as VP of Business Development is, in simplest terms, to expand Rockspring’s investor reach and capital pools while building new long-term relationships with a broader investor class.

My focus has always been understanding the goals and concerns of current and future clients and providing solutions that match. My top priority each day is building trust, providing transparency, and proving that my business is a reliable partner. Rockspring operates on these same principals, so coming on board was an easy decision.

Tell us about your background.

For most of last two decades, I have worked in private banking and wealth management, most notably at HSBC Private Bank, Wells Fargo Private Bank, and UBS Financial Services.

In those roles, I was responsible for building diversified investment portfolios for high net worth investors and family office organizations. This experience directly benefits my role at Rockspring and offers a more focused opportunity to provide value to sophisticated investors and family offices seeking direct asset exposure and return potential through real estate.

What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

Our focus for 2020, and every year, is providing superior real estate investment opportunities for our clients. I am looking forward to carrying the Rockspring banner into 2020alongside our management team as their expertise is second to none.

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Rockspring’s 2019 was busy as a big focus of the firm centered on bolstering the team’s roster of experts. Jim Manouse, Director of Distribution and one of this year’s new additions, completed a Q&A recently to share his background and experience with the company so far.

How have you enjoyed your time with Rockspring so far?

Rockspring has been a great experience. The first thing that stood out when I got here was that there is a clear focus on culture. The people here are really supportive and easy to work with. They are all extremely helpful, knowledgeable and experienced individuals in real estate and beyond and I’m also happy to call them friends. It’s rare to have a team this close and so dedicated to the culture.

How did you get to Rockspring?

I have two individuals I would like to thank for getting me to Rockspring. First, is the late Brent Barton. Brent was my colleague in the industry and friend for many years, and he was the one who connected me with Rockspring as well as vouched for me. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on.

Secondly, I would like to thank Mike Axelrad for giving me the chance and backing at Rockspring. After Brent made the introduction, Axe and I clicked, and we haven’t looked back.

Tell me about your role at Rockspring.

My role is unique among my colleagues at Rockspring. While most of my coworkers work more on the real estate side, my responsibility is on the distribution side. I introduce the firm to the broker/dealer community and alternative investments space as well as form and nurture relationships with the right firms and institutional clients. I help share and make sure our products are a fit with the investment community and the major associations that serve and represent our industry, such as ADISA and the IPA.

What are you most proud of since joining the team?

So far, I’m most proud of my support to help launch Rockspring’s Texas Broker/Dealer Fund II. I came into the company halfway through the year and the stage of the new fund was still very young. I helped work with multiple partners and parties to bring the fund to fruition. From coordinating with our legal advisors and getting the review of third-party due diligence, to preparing all facets of marketing and finally introducing and seeing the fund launch, it has been very rewarding to say the least.

Tell us about ADISA in Las Vegas and how you think it went?

ADISA and the fund introduction was a great success. Competition is fierce. However, what we are offering is unique and this coupled with the fact we have true experts of Texas land on deck really piqued the interest of many outstanding firms. I’ve been affiliated with ADISA for many years so I’m very familiar with the organizers process and how best to make use of our time in Las Vegas. This is a relationship business and ADISA is one of the best ways to make and foster friendships over many years. The same can be said of the IPA, a great organization that does a tremendous job of representing our industry, mainly in Washington D.C. I’m proud to serve on committees of both organizations.

What are you looking forward to the most at Rockspring?

The Rockspring team has worked hard to create a team of experienced experts and I’m honored to be counted among them. With a team like this entering 2020, it’s hard not to get excited about what awaits next year and what Rockspring will be able to accomplish.

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Rockspring’s growth is accelerating and with 2020 on the horizon, there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. Mike Axelrad, Managing Director of Capital Markets, recently fielded a Q&A to talk about his time at Rockspring (he joined in 2017), how his role and the team have transformed and why he is excited about the future.


How have you enjoyed your time with Rockspring so far?

My time at Rockspring has been, in a word, a “blast.” Having come from the corporate world, most recently a publicly traded REIT and prior to that, entities owned by Morgan Stanley and Blackstone affiliates, it was refreshing to join a team that had a more entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to grow an operating platform. During my brief tenure, I have seen the management team assembled by Jim McAllister, coalesce around a common view to grow that firm to become a multidiscipline full-service real estate firm.


Tell me about your role at Rockspring.

I initially joined Rockspring to continue the retail funds that we have in both Canada and in the Broker/Dealer space here in the US. Through these funds, smaller investors are able to participate in real estate that they would otherwise not be able to afford.  Additionally, they are able to utilize our local expertise to invest in the dynamic Texas Triangle (DFW, Austin/San Antonio and Greater Houston markets).  We have launched the US Broker Dealer Fund and am on the cusp of launching the latest Canadian Fund.

With that said, my role at the firm is evolving. We are developing new lines of business to include development, asset management and leasing within several real estate asset classes, namely light industrial, self storage, single family and retail.  These disciplines are served by the collective experience within the existing management team.  For example, my background is in Retail Services.  In that capacity, I managed, leased, developed and sold shopping centers in the Texas Market, more than 11 million square feet.  We will utilize this background to grow our platform to buy and build shopping centers in our markets as well as build a leasing and asset management team to support the business unit.  Similarly, other members of the team have experience in light industrial, self storage and single family that we will leverage. Ultimately we will do MOB.


What are you most proud of since joining the team? What are you looking to still improve?

I am pleased with the relaunch of our retail level funds, the creation of a High Net Worth Fund and improving the overall investor experience with Rockspring.  We are working diligently to improve investor communication and improving the overall offering to provide superior risk adjusted returns. With those strides, we are also looking to broaden our capital stack to broaden our investor base by providing investors with different product to be more closely correlated to their risk tolerance.


You recently attended ADISA in Las Vegas, tell us about the goal and how you think it went?

This year’s annual conference at ADISA in Las Vegas was a success. We went with the intention of meeting with a large  number of broker dealers and their due diligence teams that have their clients invest in the alternative space that we  have  not yet tapped and together with my recent Rockspring team add, Jim Manouse, we were able to start the process to become associated with larger Broker Dealer organizations to be placed on their shelf… The product was well received and follow up meetings should yield a bevy of new Broker Dealers and new investors.


Since the team is getting bigger, how has the atmosphere of the Company changed if at all?

It’s a far more dynamic environment, which is both exciting and demanding. We are looking to grow Rockspring from the bottom up by looking at and rationalizing every process within the organization. One of the key components is the influx of young real estate professionals.  Having the ability to train young professionals in the industry to create a legacy is really rewarding.  Being able to take senior managements’ collective experience and bring up the next generation has created a vibrant work life experience.


Thinking on direction and strategy, what has you most excited about the firm in 2020?

Executing on the firm strategy of building new lines of business while maintaining existing lines of business will be an exciting time for us all.

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At Rockspring, we take pride in providing optimal service to all our investors and it takes the entire firm to keep our partners up to date on our latest deals, quarterly reports, necessary tax submissions, and more.

One thing you might not know is that accounting plays a key role in customer service. In fact, our finance folks are essential to maintaining our high level of investor support.  In addition to making sure our numbers and ledgers are straight, we answer questions that come through from our phones, email, mail and sometimes even in person. Each investor inquiry is as important as the next and we do what is needed to fulfill their requests.

At the heart of our vital customer service is Jackie Poling who provides touch points to our investors in every phase of the partnership. Investors love working with her and we’re proud to have her on the team, so we want to spotlight our wonderful, but humble, Senior Accountant.


Describe your role at Rockspring.

Though I work in accounting, I would say during peak times 50 percent of my time is spent interacting with our partners in both the United States and Canada. I employ my accounting background for my monthly, quarterly and annual financial and reporting duties. I get to use my people skills to help investors with their needs and I enjoy doing it.  Each day is different and the part I play is something I look forward to each and every day.


What’s it like around the Rockspring office?

It’s a nice place to come and work. The environment is esthetically pleasing, the people are great, and our management takes care of us. Most recently, a number of ergonomic enhancements have been installed, which is high on my list of things I am grateful for.


How did you get to Rockspring?

I’m from Pittsburgh – Go Steelers! – and moved to Houston in 1990. I worked at Baylor College of Medicine for 13 years in Finance & Administration. I began there in Cash Management and ended my time there as a Manager in Grants and Contracts. For the next 14 years I was an entrepreneur; I opened my own bookkeeping company, where I got to work directly with many small Houston businesses, I launched and produced an annual dance festival and directed a dance company. In late 2016 I joined Rockspring Capital. I love where I am now.


What are you looking forward to in working at Rockspring?

I look forward to coming to work knowing that I’m an important piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter your place in the organization; everyone makes sure you know that you count. Each day we come together to do our jobs and I take pride in the work we do.

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HOUSTON, November 7, 2019 – Rockspring Capital, a privately-owned real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston, today announced the sale of its 7.6-acre site in the rapidly-growing Westover Hills community in Northwest San Antonio.

Located on Rogers Road near Mt. Evans, the property neighbors the Chevron and Microsoft Data Center worksites and is minutes from highways 151 and 1604. The sale was made to an undisclosed buyer and marks the firm’s second close in San Antonio in less than a month.

“Our San Antonio real estate team continues to deliver great wins for our firm as the city, much like the bustling Westover Hills area, is a hotbed of real estate activity. Closing two San Antonio deals in a span of a few weeks reflects the lucrative development opportunities currently happening in the Alamo City as well as our management team’s ability to capitalize on them,” said Jim McAlister IV, President and CEO of Rockspring Capital. “As 2019 comes to a close, our deals are not slowing down as we plan to work with more property owners and developers to ramp up our portfolio going into 2020.”

Last month, Rockspring sold its 3.5-acre, mixed-used land tract located in downtown San Antonio near the Alamodome. The Rogers Road and Alamodome property deals were brokered by McAlister Real Estate’s George Herrera.


About Rockspring Capital

Rockspring Capital is a Houston-based real estate investment company with a history of investing since 1973. Its strategy is to acquire opportunistic real estate, land parcels and residential lots in high growth areas. It also makes special situation bridge loans, note purchases and covered land plays on real estate assets. Rockspring Capital acquires with all cash in markets within the “Texas Triangle” – Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Industry Insights

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The fastest growing economy in the U.S. belonged to the Lone Star State in the first quarter of 2017 according to a recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Strong factors associated with this growth are attributed to steady growth in the manufacturing and mining sector.

To view the CNSnews.com article, click here.

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In a 15-year span, the Texas Triangle (Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio) increased in population by 41 percent, or about 5.3 million people. While many articles of this nature report on the state as a whole, Inman recently published a story specifically on the Texas Triangle. This four-city stretch is home to 53 of the state’s 54 Fortune 500 companies and seven of the state’s 10 biggest universities. A large theme of the story is despite the oil downfall, low cost of living and a fantastic work environment make anyone of these Texas cities a great investment for a family and business alike.

To view the Inman story, click here.

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International commercial real estate investors put Texas at the top of their popularity list for 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The association recently launched their annual report on commercial real estate activity and Florida and Texas were the top states for international activity. NAR’s top economists stated that despite the slow recovery from the economic downturn, U.S. properties are a safe bet when compared to the rest of the world.

To view the Dallas Morning News coverage of the report, click here.


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The Dallas Morning News recently reported on the U.S. Census Bureau’s ‘15 Fastest Growing Cities’ rankings and Texas cities dominated the chart. Texas had five cities in the top 10.

1. Conroe

2. Frisco

3. McKinney

5. Georgetown

9. New Braunfels

Additionally, only two states had more than one city represented in the rankings with Florida taking the other spot.

To read the full Dallas Morning News article that covered the report, click here.

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As population and job volume continues to steadily increase in Houston, so does investment for retail, according to a new report from online real estate marketplace, Ten-X. The Houston Chronicle featured the report in an article stating that only Miami and Fort Lauderdale have stronger retail numbers, with strong population growth as the major driving factor

To read the full Houston Chronicle story, click here.