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Networks Taking Notice of Texas Land Grab – Recapping My Interview with FOX Business

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By Jim McAlister IV, President & CEO

It’s no secret that Texas land is one of the hottest commodities for developers and investors across the globe. FOX Business has also taken notice as its Global Markets Editor Maria Bartiromo, host of the network’s Opening Bell, invited me to sit down with her for insights on what’s causing the Texas land grab, and why more and more investors are beginning to eye the Lone Star State. Here’s a recap on all the reasons why Texas is currently the best place to invest.

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• Looking back at censuses through the 1850s, Texas has always grown at over double the rate of the U.S. Currently, 7 of the 15 fastest growing cities in our country are in Texas.

• We are centrally located in the U.S., close to Latin America and the coast with an abundance of water for development.

• The state’s low regulations for running a business and no state income tax make it a business-friendly state. Also, people are moving here in droves for the low cost of living, low home prices and massive job opportunities.

• The Texas shale play is huge, and is elevating our country to being energy independent. Global energy companies like Valero, Exxon and Phillips 66 call Texas home.

• The demand for land is growing in Texas and that presents a great opportunity for Rockspring and its investing partners.

It was great having the opportunity to shine more light on our great state, and I am excited for the years to come as I am sure Texas will continue to thrive.

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To view the full interview with Maria Bartiromo, click here.


About the Author
Jim McAlister IV, President & CEO, is responsible for overseeing the company and its Texas land investment activities. He has raised and successfully invested approximately $300 million in capital on behalf of premier investment partners.

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