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Houston Agent Magazine Features Rockspring Capital CEO

Posted by: In: Industry Insights 18 Aug 2011 Comments: 0

(Houston Agent Magazine) – Magazine Covers Rockspring Capital CEO Jim McAlister’s Insights From Texas Land Event…

Rockspring Capital President and CEO Jim McAlister IV spoke at the Land Forecast Breakfast hosted by O’Connor & Associates, focusing on the overall land market trends of Texas. Will Condrey, of Cushman & Wakefield, also spoke at the event, covering the inner-loop land market of Houston and its trend towards multi-family developments.

The breakfast was part of an ongoing series of real estate forecast events hosted by O’Connor & Associates, where presenters share their thoughts on trends and outlooks for a variety of commercial land uses.

McAlister, whose firm focuses on investment opportunities in the robust “Texas Triangle” region of Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, informed attendees about the state of the land market in Houston, discussing factors such as: creating value and demand for the city’s land; how long and short-term trends are impacting the land market; and, how these factors are affecting the larger real estate market.

“Houston, much like the state of Texas, has a relatively healthy real estate market by any measure right now when compared to the rest of the country,” McAlister said, who attributed Houston’s strong market to “population growth and job creation, as well as favorable land supply and demand metrics.”

McAlister joined Rockspring Capital in 1993 and is responsible for overseeing the company and its investment activities. “What’s important for those of us in the industry to understand is how these unique factors are impacting the market in order to make the most of this opportunity,” McAlister said.

To view the Houston Agent Magazine story, click here.

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