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Even Wind is Bigger in Texas

Posted by: In: Newsletter, Rockspring News 18 Apr 2016 Comments: 0

By Jim Hynes, Managing Director

There’s no question that the oil and gas industry receives most of the energy news headlines in Texas. However, most people are unaware that Texas is the national leader in wind energy and is playing a significant role in this key renewable sector globally.

Texas Wind Energy - Real Estate Investment - Rockspring capital

Texas alone accounts for about 20 percent of all wind power generated nationwide, based on the most recent national data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Here are some more interesting facts from this report:

  1. Texas authorities and investors have built an industry that hosts 6 of the 10 largest U.S. wind farms, employs more wind workers than any other state and produces enough wind energy to power 3.3 million homes;
  2. The state’s 12,000-megawatt wind capacity roughly equals 18 large coal plants or 12 nuclear plants; and
  3. Texas winds are capable of supplying more than 18 times the state’s current electricity needs.

The U.S. needs an “all of the above” policy to insure energy independence. The cutting edge technology and entrepreneurial spirit of wind farm workers in the Panhandle and West Texas are certainly leading the way!

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